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In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Lyons Falls did not have one consolidated, stationary school system; rather, it had a series of smaller buildings that served as a school until a larger one was built. The most well-remembered of these schools was located on Gorham Street (pictured left). The school had been built in 1893 and was used until the high school was built on McAlpine Street. Classes at this school were taught by Maurice Walsh.

The townspeople knew that one combined high school would be more beneficial to the community than the system the Village had then, so in 1900, land was purchased on McAlpine Street and a new high school was built. Classes at the new school were taught by Anna Volovic, Samuel Neff, Lillian Burnham, and Mary Cox. The first graduating class from the new school was the class of 1903, which consisted of four students. However, this school was soon outgrown, requiring the construction of another new school building.


In 1927, the current building was erected at the same location. This served as both the elementary and high school for the youth of Lyons Falls until South Lewis High School was built in 1963. The building continued to serve as an elementary school until it was closed in 1983. The building still remains as a reminder to the people of Lyons Falls of what once was a small town's fondest memory (pictured right).


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