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Prior to 1909, Lyons Falls did not have an organized library. Rather, the village had a popular reading room and lending library, which had been started by the Menís Club. Due to the success of the reading room and the lending library, William Elliman organized a group of young people to secure funds for the new library by selling subscriptions, hosting social events, and playing movies for the villagers. The library started out with a small collection of books, most of which were gifts from local villagers. On October 28th, 1909, the Lyons Falls library was granted its Provisional Charter. The library started out with a small collection of books, most of which were gifts from local villagers. Mrs. O.E. Davis led the library for many years. Mrs. H.P. Gould who served for 38 years succeeded her.

In 1923, the library was granted an absolute charter from the State of New York. At this time, the library was funded by grants from the village board. This system changed in 1948 when the library was granted membership to the North Country Library System. Under the new library system, Lyons Falls library was able to offer more services to the patrons of the library. Until 1981, the library made its home in several locations around the village. In 1981, the library found a more permanent home in the old fire hall on Center Street. Also housed in this building was a bowling alley. The library made its final move to the old carriage house next to the Gould Mansion when the old firehouse was to be torn down. Mark Folino, a local Boy Scout who wanted to win his Eagle Scout Award, made the move to the Carriage House on High Street possible.

The Library Remains in the Carriage House of the Gould Mansion under the management of the Mrs. Carolyn Le Van. The library offers a variety of services to its members of the community. Community members are able to enjoy high speed internet, access to a fax machine, copier, and a photo printer, a large variety of books, magazines, audio books, and large print books, as well as access to the interlibrary loan system for any books Lyons Falls does not own. The library is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00PM, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM, and Saturday from 8AM to 12PM. The Library is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Lyons Falls Library

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