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Falls Pharmacy

horseIf you live in Lyons Falls or the surrounding area, chances are you’ve heard of the Falls Pharmacy. But there is a lot more to the Pharmacy than most people are aware.

The Pharmacy was first opened in early 1899 under the ownership of Thomas Reed. It was located on Center Street between the present day Dorrity’s Restaurant and the old paper mill building. At this time, the Pharmacy was operated by Ben Reed and Louis Hilligas. The ownership of the drug store changed hands later on to Bernard and Bertha Reed and Elizabeth Hilligas Murphy and Helen Hilligas Payman. Under these owners, the drug store invested in an ice cream fountain and sold homemade ice cream as well as penny candy.

In 1933, the Reeds leased the business to Otto Meekum. Eddie Emdin worked for Otto Meekum as a registered pharmacist until Nov. 1, 1938. During 1939, the Reeds leased the pharmacy to Horton Hammecker. In 1948, Horton bought both the business and the building from the Reeds. After Mr. Hammecker died in 1964, his son, Roy Hammecker, took over.

In 1979, Roy & his wife Susan moved the pharmacy relocated from its location on Center St. to its current location on the corner of McAlpine Street and Cherry Street. This building has also housed a clothing store, a hair salon, an antique shop, furniture store and a museum, to name just a few of the many businesses the building has seen through the years. Currently, the Disabled Persons Action Organization and the Lyons Falls History & Pharmacy Museum are taking advantage of the convenient location in the rear of the Pharmacy. Also in the building is a Liquor Store owned by Ron and Mary Dorrity.

One could say that the Pharmacy has become a family tradition to the Hammeckers. After Roy’s retirement in 1998, his daughter, Lori Farquhar and pharmacist Curtis E. Ernst took over the business. Recently, Lori bought out Ernst. Time will tell whether a fourth generation of Hammeckers will take over the Pharmacy, when it comes time for Lori to retire many years from now.


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