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Tour of The Storms-Bailey Home Museum

This is a brief tour of the Storms-Bailey Home Museum, located on Laura Street in Lyons Falls, NY. The museum is open to the public every Tuesday during the summer between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The 1940s style home was turned into a museum that preserves the memory of the Storms-Bailey family, Laura Street and the history of Lyons Falls.

Picture Descriptions:

1) The Storms-Bailey Home Museum

2) The Front Room- This room has displays of the school, the mill, and several displays dedicated to the Storms-Bailey family.

3) The Kitchen- The 1940s style kitchen is full of artifacts donated by various people.

4) The Bathroom- The bathroom is also full of artifacts circa 1940.

5) WWI and WWII Room- This room is dedicated to the wars. There are several uniforms displayed on mannequins. There's also a rotating display case which features several war artifacts.

6) Logging- There are several logging tools and pictures displayed in this section.

7) Workshop- This section of the museum was designed by Jim Skorupa and it displays a wide variety of tools and other artifacts.

8) Sewing- The sewing display was designed by Rebecca Marturano.

9) School- This is a display set up as a small classroom and features a mannequin dressed as a small schoolboy.

10) Ladies Room- This display was designed by Tracy and Morgan Austin and is set up like a woman's bedroom in the 1940s. There are many dresses, hats, and jewelry.

11) Children's Room- This display is set up like a child's room. There are two small cribs, several dolls, and a wide variety of children's games.

Thank you for taking a sneak peak of our museum!!

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