Lyons Falls History Association

History in the Making
History in the Making is a brand new program developed by Terri Bauer of the Lyons Falls History Association. The program is meant to provide an opportunity for children in Lewis County to be able to explore the interesting world of history. Unlike the curriculum in schools, History in the Making focuses on local history, how this history relates to the bigger picture that students learn about in schools, and why preserving history is so important. This summer, students who attend the program with explore genealogy and learn to be family detectives. They will be able to identify old tools and learn how difficult jobs were in their grandparents and great grandparents times. Students will find a new appreciation for modern technologies after churning their own butter and exploring different household objects from the early 1900s. Ultimately, History in the Making is an effort to bring the world of history to the children of Lewis County in the hope of inspiring an interest in the minds of the future to help ensure the preservation of the past.

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